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"We have always created emotions to wear."

Certainly the purchase of an important garment like the fur is an extraordinary event to every woman. a fact at the end of which the same comes after careful choices and countless aesthetic and practical evaluations. And then comes the magic moment to wear it the first time and the following times. All feelings that the woman feels, emotions to wear: for this reason an important purchase, must be a reasoned and above all safe purchase.
Team Pellicce stands out for the perfect combination of Artisan Quality and Fashion.

  • Furrier’s

    Team Pellicce is an artisanal workshop specialized with high-quality leather. The offer ranges from a vast assortment of fur, sable, lynx, mink, Persian, chinchilla, foxes and down jackets, to leather garments, new mixed materials and a wide range of services. We also offer several accessories, stoles, collars and headgear. Quickly we make your wishes to garnish your fur garments come true. Please visit us and verify by yourself our quality and our products

  • Furs

    Style, quality, lightness together with the care in choosing the finest leathers, made our current image and reputation. Our high fashion craft workshops are among the most qualified with the Made in Italy. The offer ranges from a wide range of fur, sable, lynx, mink, Persian, chinchilla foxes and down jackets, to leather bags, new mixed materials and a wide range of services. Leathers are hand-worked mostly in our own laboratory, where we also carry out shed jobs like furs and fur jackets and any type of repair. Our goal is to make our customers happy by wrapping them with a garment that never goes out of fashion… the fur.

  • Accessories

    Our workshop and atelier offer female customers extraordinary accessories in fur, leather and eco-friendly leather. With a quality visible at first sight, as well as touch, we offer fashion items and accessories that are elegant and sober, original and versatile, such as hats, outerwear, fur collars, and hat-free havers. Fashion also emanates from accessories, come and discover how many ways we can "excite" and enrich your wardrobe.

  • Outerwear

    Coats, clothing accessories that enrich the style of the person, are useful and effective with protect oneself from the cold without losing elegance and refinement. At our store you can touch some of these items in leather, fur and high quality materials. Our laboratory allows us to create tailor-made garments based on the needs and stylistic preferences of our customers.

  • The Lab

    We rely upon our own workshop for processing leathers that we’re selecting all over the world. Beside to tailor-made garments, we are able to propose you repair and modelling services. You can count on our experience in the field. We are among the first in the processing of these fabrics, in the Made in Italy.

  • Leathers selection

    Our technicians select the most suitable leather for the needs of our customers in the places of production and in the most prominent international markets, allowing us to acquire first-rate goods and to tick off good purchase prices in order to contribute from the beginning to set a fair sale price. Our goal is to provide our female customers with top-quality leathers, maintaining a competitive price on the market.

  • Design and combination

    Behind each of our models there is a careful design and wearability study. Each garment is made taking into account many variations, such as colour combinations, practicality, elegant cut and study of seams. And here the selectors are "on stage"; their artistic sense guides them in choosing the most harmonious combinations among leathers and furs; in the composition of those delicate drawings, formed by the natural shades of the leather, which then delight the eyes of women at the sight of the finished fur. Do not rely on an ordinary furrier, select our master furriers. They are experts and simply unbeatable in their field.

  • Model design

    Owner of the Atelier Artigianale Team Pellicce is Luigi Ardiri, a designer with decades of experience in the field of fur. Our creativity is entrusted to his sensitivity: the formation of the model precisely. It is his talent and his preparation that allow us to bring to life those prestigious and refined furs exposed in our Atelier which have won the favour of our customers.

  • Cut and seam

    Cut and seam are two extremely delicate moments in the production of furs. Here the creative needs of stylists and selectors are implemented. Each type of leather requires one specific cut, an appropriate workmanship, the right "assembly". This is where the fur takes shape, this is where the quantity of leather to be used is established and it is here that our furs are different from many others: the number of leathers; in ours those are certainly abundant. We can afford it.

High Fashion Furriers

In the case of Team Pellicce, lathers are selected and purchased in the places of production and in the most prominent international markets (thus obtaining low purchase prices which then turn into our convenient sales prices).

Selection and care of details

These leather of high quality will produce then, in colour combinations and styling, the beautiful furs that have now won the favour of our customers. Model design, cutting and stitching, moments that mark the birth of a fur coat; moments that in our craft workshop are followed step by step by our stylists. These are extremely delicate moments: you cannot go wrong; and Team Pellicce is hardly wrong.

The Atelier of wishes

In our Atelier you are spoiled for choice; we understand that in the face of such a charming choice of garments the client feels, at times, disoriented; this embarrassment, however, will soon pass, in fact, there is no hurry to sell; the customer is guided and advised to the best even by trying and trying again garment after garment, according to his need, according to his ability.

Care and maintenance of your fur

The relationship with our customers does not stop at the conclusion of the deal; her fur is constantly followed in the subsequent cleaning, in the eventual re-modelling, in the conservation in special air-conditioned rooms absolutely safe.

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